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Imagine that you are a political leader, and you must present to the country you

Imagine that you are a political leader, and you must present to the country your inclusive government philosophy, that is, one that takes into consideration all sectors of society. The speech will have an extension of six paragraphs of six sentences each and must be written with the following format:
1. Introduction:
A six-sentence paragraph where you present the reason for the speech and the importance of a government having an inclusive philosophy. The introduction MUST include an OPENING SENTENCE and a THESIS STATEMENT in which you will introduce the topic an main idea.
2. Development:
Four six-sentence paragraphs describing what you are proposing for inclusion in the following areas: health, safety, education, the economy, and civil rights. The development paragraphs MUST support your thesis statement and main idea.
3. Conclusion:
A six-sentence paragraph where you establish the strategy you will use so that government agencies abide by the inclusive philosophy for the benefit of marginalized sectors. Do not include new topics or ideas in the conclusion.
4. References
Includes a minimum of four (4) references consulted in APA 7th ed. format. It must include the assigned reading and some others consulted to support your arguments.

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