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I would like for you to watch and pick only one (1) of the following movie below

I would like for you to watch and pick only one (1) of the
following movie below and write a movie review on the
movie. In your movie review please mention legal issue and
your opinion of the movie.
Movie reviews are always trending and samples can be found
online and even on Youtube if you need some inspirations to
write your. It is my opinion that these movies are good and
interesting and I hope you will enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it,
that can be your review and explain your opinion of why you
did not enjoy it and what did not work, but please still identify
the legal issue.
Rubric: Must be 2 pages, Times New Roman, Font Size 12,
Double-spaced, with proper heading including a title of what
movie you are reviewing. This assignment similar to the case
brief will be graded with a letter grade and points will be
deducted if students do not follow the rubric.
DUE: Jan 31, 2022 no later than 6PM
Movies to Choose From: (These movies can be found on
either Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Youtube, Peacock, or rent it
from the Apple Movie Store, or contact your local public
library and borrow it).. You should be able to locate these
movies without a problem.
1. 12 Angry Men
2. Gideon v. Wainwright
3. Woman in Gold
4.. Denial
5. Loving

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