HPV awareness among the adolescents using social marketing

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 Sexually transmitted infections (STI) have negative impacts on the reproductive and sexual health of the young people in the world.  The most common STI is Human papilloma virus (HPV) which affects one in every four young women in the USA (Tu, Wang, Lin, & Chan, 2015).  The average age for infections is about 25 years. According to CDC, about 20 million in the USA are infected with HPV virus. The infected is not only transmitted through vaginal, oral or anal intercourse, but genital contact with infected person of tools is sufficient for transmission. Research conducted by CDC (1998-2003) reported 24,900 HPV associated cancers, where 17,300 of them occurred in women. The percentage of HPV related cancers in young adults is may be underreported as the available statistics do not reflect actual representation (Weaver et al., 2010).

HPV awareness among the adolescents using social marketing


There are few problems in controlling HPV and other STDs including difficulty to change risky behaviors in adolescent group formed according to the societal culture. In addition, the religion and personal values makes it difficult for parents to discuss deep subject issues such as sexual…………

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