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How interprofessional collaboration impacts your professional practice of your pursued degree/profession

Impacts your professional practice of your pursued degree/profession


Research is a fundamental component of graduate studies, as well as professional practice. As part of your learning experience in this program, you will conduct your own formal research; doing so is a critically important activity for both academics and professionals. Of course, you will also rely on the published research conducted by others to stay connected to the latest trends, findings, and thinking in your field.
The University of St. Augustine provides to all students access to a comprehensive library that contains a wealth of resources to support professional development. Among these resources is a large collection of relevant academic journals containing published research. In this Assignment, you will orient yourself to this library by conducting a search to collect current documentation of evidence-based practice (EBP) in your field.
Navigate to the USA Library search page to search the library databases.
Using library search tools, create a table outlining how interprofessional collaboration impacts your professional practice of your pursued degree/profession. Locate 5 studies published in the past 4 years. The chart should contain the following columns:
Key search term
Search limitations
Target population
Results/author’s conclusion
Reference in APA format
Collect the evidence using search methods learned from the available library podcasts and by reaching out to your University librarians to collect articles from interlibrary loan. Full-text copies of all articles must be submitted, linked to the APA citation in your chart. Your chart should contain 5 articles supporting one topic.
You may be as creative as you like with the literature table you create as long as you address the key points outlined in the instructions. Please feel free to use this template.
Directions to Submit Your Assignment:
To submit your assignment, select the assignment title link above, upload your file as an attachment, and then click “Submit.”

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