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How good is the story from the data? How good are the analytical and statistical

How good is the story from the data? How good are the analytical and statistical models to the organization? Does the work by the data analyst justify the amount of resources the organization pays for their services and product? Do the results of the data analytics program add value to the organization? To achieve the ever-changing answers to these questions, a data analytics program must maintain a continuous analysis process and evaluation of existing models, and keep score on the decisions taken pre- and post- action.
For the Unit 5 assignment, you will research and write a short (34 pages for the body section) paper. Use APA (6th edition) style and format, with a minimum of five references, and cover the following topics:
Describe a specific example of transforming data into knowledge.
Explain how to measure the accuracy and completeness of source data for a data analytics project.
What can a data analyst do to improve the quality of the source data?
What is an example that a data analyst must convey to ensure the audience understands the degree of error that exists in the analysis and model?
Explain how SAS is used to help organizations evaluate their customers, functions, services, products, and vendors.
Explain how important it is to continue to review all recordseven records that were originally rejected by prior decisions, models, or processes.

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