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Hint: Make sure to read the chapter on Religion. Attached below is the book. Fin

Hint: Make sure to read the chapter on Religion. Attached below is the book.
Worth 100 points.
You may use your text and notes. Please use thoroughly well thought out answers. Use a cover page.
Part A
Choose two out of the four short essay questions below and question 5 to compose a essay answers. Please number which one you chose. 15pts each.
Explain the impact of censorship in public schools.
Identify the major guidelines for teaching about religions.
Explain how understanding the importance of religion to students and their families is an advantage in developing effective teaching strategies.
Why should educators avoid stereotyping all students from one denomination or church?
What personal insights did you gain from reading chapter 8? 20pts.
Part B For this section, please have an introduction, paragraph supporting insights, and an evaluation.
In reviewing the videos, which one’s were most significant to today’s cultural concerns and why? 10pts. (the videos are attached)
Which assignment was most valuable to you and why? 10pts.
Which chapter was the most significant for you and why? 10pts.
After finishing this class, how will you use this information in the classroom? 10pts.
What topic would you like to learn more about? 10pts.

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