Healthcare Policies

Please answer these questions completely in 12 lines or less with 1 reference with less 5 years
1) Consider your chosen policy priority. How can you use evidence-based research to
demonstrate the relationship of nursing practice to outcomes in your policy priority?
2) It is vital to communicate effectively in policy and politics. Analyze two communication
skills that are critical to implementing your policy-priority issue.
3) Discuss the best approach for communicating with your local legislator or policymaker in
your policy-priority issue. What is your rationale for this approach?

Healthcare Policies

Evidence-based research can be used to demonstrate the link between policy priority
outcomes and nursing practice. Evidence-based practice impacts echoes across science,
education, and nursing practice. The commitment towards evidence-based quality improvement
as well as healthcare transformation underscores the importance of redesigning efficient, safe,
and effective care, which calls for healthcare policies. In response to the national experts’
multiple direction-setting recommendations, nurses can launch initiatives aimed at maximizing
their valuable contributions to deliver fully on evidence-based practices’ promise (Schroeder,
Effective communication is very vital in politics and policy. When implementing a
policy-priority issue, some of the most essential communication skills include active listening.
One can effectively others by using his ears- listening to them (Schroeder, 2013). After people
are convinced that they are being understood, they are more likely to listen to the information
being presented to them. Although a person might say an inappropriate thing, demeaning
statements should not be used against them. Using demeaning statements degrades the opinion

and value of a person and the policy they are presenting. People should be engaged actively and
their feedback should be sought so as to make the policy effective.
When communicating the policy-priority issue to the local policymaker or legislator, the
best approach that can be used is writing a letter (Holtz, 2013). This is an easy and quick way of
expressing the views about the policy-priority. When writing the letter, it is important to consider
some issues such as keeping the letter short and concise; stating the purpose as the subject;
offering local data, information, and examples; and seeking the legislator’s positions or views.



Holtz, C. (2013). Global health care: Issues and policies. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett
Schroeder, K. (2013). Sustainable healthcare. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.

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