Health Policy and Scope of Practice /Health and Wellness Promotion and the NP

Health Policy and Scope of Practice /Health and Wellness Promotion and the NP
SECTION A (1.5 page minimum).
Health Policy and Scope of Practice
Describe a current health policy issue relative to the scope of practice for the role of the NP
that is important to you. Appraise the implications of this policy and analyze where the
policy issue is in the policy-making process.
Included a reference list at the end of this section hear before starting section B below, it
should have a minimum of 4 references for this section.
SECTION B (1.5 pages minimum)
Health and Wellness Promotion and the NP
A focus on Health and Wellness Promotion is increasingly pertinent in U.S. Health care
systems. Review the National Prevention Strategy: America’s Plan for Better Health and
Wellness (, 2011) attached hear with the questions.
After you are finished reading, justify the role of the NP as a leader in Health and Wellness
promotion in your paper.
Include a reference list at the end of this section, it should have a minimum of 5 references
for this section.

Part 1

Effective advocacy begins with a comprehension of the key issues and positions that
influence nursing practitioner practice. The scope of the health practice laws is meant to rethink
the role played by nurse practitioners. There is a variety of current health policy issues relative to
the scope of practice for the role of the NP. One of the current health policy issues in health
workforce shortages. There is a perfect storm of unmet health care needs that is rapidly
approaching: for instance the patient numbers of aged people with health-related issues is
reaching intolerable levels, as a consequence of the retirement of large cohort of professionals.
Currently, the situation is such that the number of professional students that are meant to fill
these positions is simply not enough to meet the oncoming health service demands. The result is
ultimately an impending shortage in the workforce in proportions that cannot have precedence.
This policy is important to me and is relative to the scope of NP since NPs are the valuable
members of the healthcare system who serve in the capacity of primary care providers in the
broad range of outpatient and acute settings (NP Policy Essentials, 2014).
The implications of this policy issue is, of course, the need for nurses. The US has a
serious shortage of nurses in the health practice, and the recruitment of more nursing
professionals is one part of the solution. Additional teaching professionals are required to deal
with the issue from the root. There is a report referred to as “blowing open the Bottleneck” which
is a report that was initiated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center to spear head
Nursing in America and the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training
Administration, which basically provides an outline of the solutions whose initiation is underway
as a response to the shortages in the nursing faculty across the United States
(, 2014). This report further presents the “frontline healthcare

workforce” comprising of technicians, nurses, assistant nurse, and other providers involved with
the healthcare profession, which it describes as the foundation of a quality system of healthcare
delivery. The analysis of the report indicates that the frontline health workforce demand is
expected to face a 50 per cent increase in shortages to the faculty staff in the next half decade,
and the government is strategizing to ensure that the number of students in the “pipeline” are
enough or will reasonably deal with this impending eventuality. Therefore, the workforce
shortage policy issue is merely in the planning and implementation stage (, 2014).



NP Policy Essentials. (n.d.).

Scope of Practice Laws in Health Care: Rethinking the Role of Nurse Practitioners. (n.d.).

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