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Health Hazard Evaluation Program

Write a 1-2 page (not including title and reference) paper in 6th edition APA format. Go to
the Health Hazard Evaluation program

What is the purpose of this program? How would information from the website be used in
a disease investigation?

Healthcare: Health Hazard Evaluation Program

The U.S federal government initiated the Health Hazard Evaluation Program with the aim
of promoting health safety in workplaces (NIOSH, 2009). The program gives people a platform
on which they would contact experts in NIOSH to evaluate their working places and determine
health safety levels (CDC, 2015). The program aims at providing a fast and timely care, and the
staff members exploit fast means of communication such as phones to respond to the requests of
their clients (CDC, 2015). NIOSH offer recommendation to employers and employees for the
appropriate measures to exploit for optimal health safety in their workstations. The program is
government sponsored, and it purposes to promote the wellness of the society without any
financial interest. The institution also aims at providing safety evaluation care to all interested
persons, and it maximizes on informing the community about its services (CDC, 2015). The
program also promotes the knowledge of people by allowing them access information from a
variety of past evaluations.
Information from the program applies to disease investigation. The program offers
information concerning the risk of employers and employees to diseases in their environment. It
has established the level of risks that different groups express in their workplaces (CDC, 2014).
Such information is of use when seeking measures to protect employees and employers from
ailments that occur in workplaces. The program links stakeholders such as health professionals,


regulatory agencies, and community wellness groups (NIOSH, 2009). It offers information that
would prevent the occurrence of hazards (NIOSH, 2009). The information also earns relevance
in handling most diseases owing to its updated nature. NIOSH conducts evaluations on the
ground, and its information is reliable, relevant, and suitable to the current time. Stakeholders
also use information from the agency to make modifications that reduce the occurrence of
occupational ailments (NIOSH, 2009).




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