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health Care planning/statistics/improvement

Assignment Criteria for Presentation

  1. Introduce your chosen policy issue (ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE FOR
    MINORITIES IN BROWARD COUNTY, FL), the current status, and an overview of
    your plan for a legislative visit.
  2. Articulate key strategies involved in your plan, message, and recommendations under
    each of the Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2 sections using headings in your
  3. Provide an analysis of empirical evidence supporting your approach strategies
    including plan, message, and follow-up.
  4. Provide specific examples of the impact and/or importance of a successful
    visit/presentation to nursing.
  5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.
  6. Paper will be five (5) pages, excluding title and reference pages, and in APA format
    6th edition

Planning Your Visit
Health care policy issue

The health care policy issue of concern is poor access to healthcare in Broward County,
Florida. Some of the barriers to healthcare as indicated by past community assessment
conducted includes poor healthcare literacy, poverty and lack of medical cover (Varughes,
2013). This indicated that there is the need to simplify the healthcare systems, especially the
navigation systems to ensure that everyone can obtain care (Varughes, 2013). The 2010 U.S.
Census Bureau studies indicated that 24% of the Broward County residents lacked medical
cover. The county reported the highest rate of uninsured children below the age of 18, and
among the elderly above the age of 65 years (Silverman, 2013).

Planning Your Visit
Broward County is reported to be the second most populated in the State and has the highest
record in diversity. It has high percentage of minorities. Approximately, 14.3% of Broward
population are aged (above 65 years). The county is also significantly affected by
unemployment, with employment rate increasing to 8.1% by 2012 as compared to 4.5% in

  1. This indicated economic crisis (Varughes, 2013). In fact, statistic estimates that 15%
    of the Broward residents live below poverty levels. Approximately, 15.6% of youths below
    18 years are reported to live below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). About 24.8% of the
    families are below the poverty line. This indicates an increase in number if people relying on
    public assistance (Silverman, 2013).
    For this reason, accessing healthcare has become a challenge, putting the county at risk of
    communicable and non-communicable diseases. For instance, cardiovascular disorders were
    rated as the key reason behind the increased mortality for people above 75 years and above
    (Varughes, 2013). Cancer is also another challenge affecting the minorities and the leading
    cause of mortality. The non-communicable diseases that are reported to be high among the
    minorities include diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure. The mortality rates for
    unintentional injuries have also increased, especially unintentional falls among the elderly.
    The public health efforts include the capacity to develop age appropriate resources for
    minority, disabled people and ensure that all of these resources are culturally competent.
    This will help in promoting healthcare through increased health literacy (Silverman, 2013).

Empirical evidence Presentation

Stakeholders: The stakeholders that will be involved includes the health care managers in
all healthcare facilities at the Broward county, Key staff of the local department of health as
well as the administration of agency of health care as well as the state and the local advisory
panels. These stakeholders will give the appropriate input into the policy revisions as well as
developments (Varughes, 2013). Other stakeholders that will be involved include partners

Planning Your Visit
from various private sectors and government agencies to enhance effective policy
development. These includes the Department of Business and professional regulation in
Broward county and the emergency management in the Broward county, whose
responsibilities will be to coordinate all the healthcare policies related to access of healthcare
among the minorities (Silverman, 2013).
Location: The Selected special public health figures/ stakeholders will meet on December 5 th ,
at 1600hrs. The location for the meeting will be held at the BHMC auditoriums. The mode of
information to be transferred will be informed of PowerPoint presentations. The meeting is
expected to take one hour, 10 minutes of introducing the key stakeholders, 30 minutes of talk,
and fifteen minutes to answer questions that may arise during the meeting. Additionally, each
of the members will be receive an email that contains all the relevant information about the
policy (Silverman, 2013).
Policy statement issue: Increase access to healthcare among the minorities.
As indicated, the main barriers to healthcare facilities are lack of medical insurance, low
health literacy and poverty. The federally qualified healthcare facilities in Broward County
include the family health centres, memorial healthcare system and the Broward health (Rand,
2014). There in increased detachment between these major healthcare facilities with the
minorities in the region (who are the most vulnerable people in the communities). This calls
for culturally competent strategies to increase healthcare awareness and provide linkages
between the healthcare facilities and these underprivileged people in Broward County (Datar
& Chung, 2015).
Gaps identified/ current status: According to community health status assessment in
Broward County, only 80.3% of the people have medical insurance. This is way below the
state rate, which is 83%. Majority of the people without health insurance are from the
minorities (Varughes, 2013).

Planning Your Visit
Table 1.1 Lack of medical cover

Additionally, the number of healthcare resources that are available is inadequate to cater for
the health demands in the county. For instance, the ratio of physicians who are licensed in the
county per 100,000 populations is below the expected state rate, making the county become
federally designated among the regions with shortage of the healthcare professionals (Healthy
People 2020, 2012).
Table 1.2 Rates of licensed physicians

Despite the numerous intervention put in place by the previous governance, healthcare
access is still an enormous public health concern among the minorities. This calls for
development of community health plans that will address this challenge amicably, to produce
a long term solution to this public menance (Healthy People 2020, 2012).
Health policy overview

Key strategies and policy implication
The aim of the Florida department of Health in the Broward County (FDOHBC) is to
promote, protect as well as improve the health of the people, especially the minorities
residing in Florida via integrated local and state efforts (Varughes, 2013). This involves

Planning Your Visit
engagement of the community through Mobilizing for Action through Planning and
Partnerships (MAPP). These approaches are strategic and have been widely adopted by
communities to improve and facilitated improvement of community health and well-being
(Silverman, 2013).
As indicated previously, there is increased detachment between the minorities and the major
healthcare providers in the Broward community (Walter, Evans, and Atherwood, 2015). This
calls for a rapid strategy to improve the navigational systems to ensure that the minorities can
access healthcare at affordable prices. The community healthcare programmes must be
integrated to increase healthcare awareness in the communities. The first priority is to
increase the proportion of the Broward county minority’s medical coverage by 5% annually
(Varughes, 2013). This is through increased assistance in completion of federally sponsored
medical coverage such as Medicaid, Kidcare and Indigent care programs. Additionally,
culturally competent materials, and resources that are age appropriate will be provided to the
residents to simplify the medical cover application systems. These include referrals and
enrolment of eligible residents in these federal managed medical cover systems (Varughes,
The second priority is implementation of three strategies that will remove the health barriers
as well as improve the linkage between the minorities and the healthcare plan. This strategy
will begin through performing a community based assessment to identify the community
barriers. This will aid in identification of linkages in care. Strategies will be developed to
eradicate and also to strengthen the linkages. The strategies developed must be culturally
competent. The strategies will be evaluated and refined (Silverman, 2013).
Conclusion and Recommendations

Planning Your Visit
Due to the increased diverse population in Broward county, the community health demands
of the region is increasingly becoming more complex. This is attributable to fluctuations in
economy that affect the county negatively, increasing unemployment rates and poverty
levels. The recommended steps for this healthcare includes a) developing an action plan to
identify and plan for the priorities; b) incorporation and implementation of the identified
strategies, c) presentation of findings to the stakeholders and the communities, d) develop a
tool to track the improvements to the community and e) establish a system to refine the
established strategies.

Planning Your Visit
Datar, A., & Chung, P. (2015). Changes in Socioeconomic, Racial/Ethnic, and Sex Disparities
in Childhood Obesity at School Entry in the United States. JAMA Pediatrics.169:10

Healthy People 2020. (2012, May 6). Access to health care.
Rand, H. (2014). Law & Water — Broward County Partners Collaborate to Conserve. Journal –
American Water Works Association, 106:5, pp.38-41.
Silverman, P. (2013, April 4). Broward county community Health Assessment.

Walter, R., Evans, A. and Atherwood, S. (2015). Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis for
Vulnerable Renters: Insights From Broward County on an Affordable Housing
Acquisition Tool. Housing Policy Debate, 1:27

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