Health based nursing research reforms

Health based nursing research reforms
SECTION A (1 page)
Health Reform Shaped by Nursing Research
Critique a reliable internet source that describes a health reform-related public policy that
was shaped or influenced by the application of nursing research in the U.S and should not
be more than 5 years old. Also post the link to the internet source at the end of your paper.
SECTION B (1 page) ( 4 references minimum)
Compare two ethical principles and three measurable goals that would support passage by
Congress of your amendment hear below.
The public policy problem is that section 2713 requires organizations to provide their
workers with birth control as part of their insurance coverage. The public policy question
is: should the federal government mandate that organizations can choose whether or not to
provide contraceptive services to employees as part of their insurance coverage? The public
policy resolution is an amendment to section 2713(a) (4) of PL 111-148 that would say:
organizations both for-profit and non-profit organizations have the option of either
offering their employees birth control as part of their insurance coverage or not to offer
contraceptive services (Cauchi, 2014).

Health based nursing research reforms

The reforms in the health sector have been researched by various researchers in the
nursing field. One of the highly recognized researchers that came up with a series of reforms in
the health sector is the IOM report as by the committee of Robert Wood Foundation. Their
research methodology was very efficient given the breadth of the area of study. Survey was used
in observing the practitioners in the field and the use of questionnaires in collecting the data was
very recommendable in their study.
The findings came were analyzed and the researchers recommended the changes that
were to be effected in the field so that the field could be running effectively and smoothly. The
first finding according to the researchers is that nurses in the U.S do not practice their nursing
fully due to a variety of historical, regulatory and policy barriers which have limited the ability


and scope of practice of the nurses (IOM, 2011, chapter 3). In regard to this barrier the researchers
recommended that there is need for standardization of policies of practice by the nurses in all
over the states of America. Once the rules have been standardized then the staff turnover will be
reduced and any nurse can work at any hospital within the United States (Montgomery &
Keegan, 2013, p. 59). All nurses should be allowed fully to the degree of their knowledge
without limitations. Secondly the researchers found out that the education levels of the nurses
were never advanced and therefore recommended that nurses should achieve higher education
training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression
(IOM, 2011, chapter 4). Thirdly they found out that the nurses were not cooperating fully with the
physicians. They recommended that nurses should be full partners with physicians and other
health professionals in redesigning the healthcare system in United States (IOM, 2011, chapter 5).
Laureate &Grey (2010, p.4) refer to this as the change in the practice model for the better
achievement of results and effective flow of work in the working environment. Fourthly, the
researchers’ findings revealed a lapse in the patient management of information. The researchers
recommended effective workforce planning and policy making require better data collection and
an improved information structure (IOM, 2011, chapter 6).



OM (Institute of Medicine). 2011. The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.
Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
Montgomery, B. & Keegan, L., 2013. Holistic nursing: A handbook for practice (6 th ed.).
Holistic nursing association: United States.
Laureate, L., & Grey, M., 2010. Pitt nurse. University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing


One of the ethical principles is the principle of autonomy. This principle stands for
independence and the ability to be self directed. According to this principle everyone has a right
to self-determination and arte entitled to decide what happens to the life. Adults have the ability
to think and capacity to consent to or refuse the treatment. This amendment will provide that
everyone’s wishes are respected even if they do not agree to them. Mandating that the insurance
companies cover the contraceptives, sterilizations and drugs or devices that are meant to induce
the expulsion of human embryo would violate the consciences of many Americans which shall
be against the promises made by president Obama (Centre for Medicare and Medical Services,
The other ethical principle is justice to all. This requires that all clients be treated equally
irrespective of the origin, race or occupation. This principle stands to equalize those who are in
the job market and those who are not. The bill is unfair because it concentrates on providing the
contraceptives to those people who are in working in organizations or companies. Those who
work in the private sector or who do not work will have not been affected by this bill. According
to the National Catholic Bioethics Center (2010) pregnancy is not a disease and therefore
contraceptives, sterilizations and abortifications should not be included as mandated preventive
services. Therefore amending t he bill will ensure that both the workers and those who are not
working are all treated equally.
One of the measurable goals is public education in regard to the use of the contraceptives
their side effects and other better birth control methods. Another measurable goal is workers
engagement in understanding the need for the amendment. The amendment should be expressed
fully to the workers explaining to them why we need the amendments. Once they have


understood then the need for the amendment then they can be the first ones to campaign for the
amendment. The third measurable goal is engage organizations and groups that stand against the
bill. for instance the religious group[s such as the Catholics are on record for opposing this bill,
therefore engaging them in the amendment process will give more support to the amendment.
The amendment should have the support of as many people as possible and one of the ways is to
use such organizations.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2011. File Code CMS-9992-IFC2. Submitted
Electronically Via Email. Family Research Council , Washington, DC
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011. “Women’s Preventive Services: Required
Health Plan Coverage Guidelines,”
The National Catholic Bioethics Center, 2010. File Code OCIIO 9999. Philadelphia.
Morici, P., 2014. Ouch, the Bill for ObamaCare Coming Due.


Newman, R., 2014. Surprise: Obamacare is helping, not harming, traditional healthcare.

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