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he purpose of the Patient/Client Interview and Analysis is to focus deeply on ho

he purpose of the Patient/Client Interview and Analysis is to focus deeply on how a patient or client experiences the health care system and what that experience means to the patient/client. The Unit 3 audio slidecast reviews some of the literature that comes out of research using patient narratives, that is the stories patients themselves tell about their experience of health, illness, injury, recovery or knowing they will not recover. Inevitably, these narratives also comment on the health care providers and the health system which the patient must navigate.
As noted in the slidecast, modern health care is not particularly well organized to keep the patient at the center. Rather, it is organized around facility or provider convenience and cost efficiency; regulatory and legal requirements; payor and reimbursement processes; a primarily biomedical model of health; and traditional assumptions, beliefs, professional cultures, and common practices (the way weve always done it). For this assignment, you will attempt to analyze these various forms of organization through the eyes of the patient.
Review the slidecast entitled The Patient/Client Experience. If you completed HCA 402A (Part I of this two course sequence), take a look back at your Barriers Analysis.
Identify someone you know, friend or family member, who has had a recent encounter with the health care system or who is currently receiving health care services. If no one comes to mind, try approaching your contacts on social media. If you currently work in a health care facility, DO NOT approach one of your patients.
The interview can be conducted face-to-face or by phone. Prepare a set of questions ahead of time to help prompt the interview. Your goal is to discover both what specifically happened to the patient and how it affected the patient physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, etc. Examples of questions you might consider include (but are not limited to):
Can you give me a quick overview of your experience? What was the reason for seeking health care services? What was the outcome?
When and how did you access the health care system? How easy or difficult was it to obtain access? Why? To what extent were you able to get the services you needed when you needed them?
How did your illness or injury affect your life?How did you feel about it?
What were your expectations of your healthcare provider(s) and the settings in which you received services?Explain how those expectations were or were not met?
What was the most positive aspect of your experience?
What was the least positive aspect of your experience?
To what extent did you receive all the information you needed to make decisions or to seek follow-up care?To what extent did you understand the nature of your condition, the tests and procedures you received, and the treatment plan?
How well did you trust the people with whom you came into contact (providers or support staff)?How well did those people listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and meet any other needs you felt you had?Were you confident you would receive whatever care you needed?
Can you describe to me how you felt throughout your experience in the health care system?What concerned or frustrated you?Did you feel safe?What comforted you? What relieved you or gave you hope?
To what extent were the costs of your care a concern for you?Do you know what your treatment cost?Do you believe the cost was reasonable given the services you received and your outcome?
To what extent do you feel you received the same treatment any other patient would receive?Why or why not?In what ways, did the people you encountered treat you with respect, dignity and fairness? Were there instances in which you felt you were not treated respectfully or fairly? Explain.
To what extent would you describe your care as high quality?How would you define high quality health care?
The paper consists of a 4-6 page formal summary and analysis of the content of your interview structured as follows:
Summary of the patient/client experience (1-2 pages)
Comment and analysis of specific aspects of the patient/client experience that were highly positive and those the patient considered negative.Explain where and how the system performed well or failed to perform well from the patient/client perspective (2-3 pages)
Describe any insights from the interview that help you better understand your future role as a health care manager or clinician in relation to the patient/client experience (1-2 pages).
The paper is submitted via the appropriate Worldclass dropbox [Assignments tab] no later than midnight of the due date.Refer to the for the date.
The paper is worth 50 points and will be scored according to the following rubric.The penalty for late submission is 5% per day.
Scoring Rubric
Summary of the patient/client experience
Summary is thorough in examining multiple dimensions of the experience
Demonstrates the ability to listen and understand with empathy
Comment and analysis
Demonstrates the ability to focus on key elements of the patient/client experience
Demonstrates the ability to apply systems concepts to the analysis of a patient encounter from both the point of view of the patient and the system
Demonstrates understanding of the role and opportunity of the health care manager or clinician to optimize the patient/client experience
Well organized, clearly and concisely written Technical errors are minimal (spelling, punctuation, complete sentences) Paper is properly referenced using a standard reference style (AMA, APA)

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