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he aim of this paper is to describe a visualization based on its components rela

he aim of this paper is to describe a visualization based on its components related to visual perception. Write a three- to five-page, double-spaced paper following APA format. Use at least three references and follow the instructions below. [MO3.2, MO3.4]
Find an example of a visualization from Marketing Charts and describe in detail its preattentive attributes and patterns.
Discuss how these attributes and patterns benefit or interfere with the visual interpretation of the visualization.
Include a strong focus on data visualization referencing preattentive attributes listed on pages 39 and 41 and its pattern listed on page 138 of Few, Now You See It.
Make recommendations and describe in detail what you could do to improve the visualization based on the readings in Chapters 3 and 6 of Few, Now You See It.
Be sure to include the visualization and all citations/references in your paper.

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