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Harvey Hoya a 57-year-old Hispanic man who works in construction five days a wee

Harvey Hoya a 57-year-old Hispanic man who works in construction five days a week presents to the clinic, stating “My blood pressure was high when I got it checked at a health fair earlier.My wife insisted I come here.” Patient reports recent weight increase as a result of lack of exercise and poor eating habits, such as eating Mexican food numerous times per week. Patient complains of “dull” headaches that “happen 2-3 times a week, generally in the morning,” for which he takes “approximately 4-5 pills per day” of Ibuprofen, as well as “not being able to sleep well, and feeling exhausted all day.”He is accompanied by his wife, who adds that “he has spells of not breathing at night, and when she wakes him up, he continues sleep.”
diagnosis is primary hypertenstion and sleep apnea
Management Plan: Using the expert diagnosis provided, create a
comprehensive treatment plan using professional language. Include at
least one appropriate, evidence-based, scholarly source to support your
decisions. Include the following components:
diagnostic tests
suggested consults/referrals
client education

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