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Goal To demonstrate your ability to explain, analyze, and apply a variety of Gro

To demonstrate your ability to explain, analyze, and apply a variety of Group Communication principals and strategies to a real-life group or employment team you are currently active in.
This is an individual exam.
The purpose of this essay exam is to showcase your personal understanding of a variety of Group Communication principals and strategies. You will be pulling from your own experiences by selecting a real-life group or employment team you are currently active in. You will use your personal experiences and concepts from the course to analyze your experiences. concepts
Assignment Requirements
Your paper should include a brief introduction of your selected group/employment team, why you selected this group to analyze, and what you hope to accomplish by completing this analysis. The paper must include ten (10) selected concepts covered in the class these are selected by you. Each concept must be defined and thoroughly explained. You will then provide specific examples to support the active experience of the text concept selected. Your analysis should include commentary of why you believe the concept is successful or unsuccessful and must be supported with examples. If the concept is successful, explain why. If unsuccessful, provide a suggestion of how your group could improve. Your paper should conclude with a short reflection of what you have learned by completing this paper. Your conclusion should also explore at least three ways others could benefit from learning about Group Communication.
Grading Criteria
Selects ten (10) concepts covered in the class and provides the definition and thorough explanation of each concept.
Responds thoroughly and responsibly to each of the ten (10) concepts selected.
Demonstrates effective analysis of group communication.
Connects responses/analysis to the text.
Provides detailed examples to support responses.
Provides theory-based and practical suggestions for group improvement.
Paper is clearly organized and well-written, using an introduction and conclusion following the guidelines above.
Paper is proofread and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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