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Go to the list of topics. Choose ONE SUBTOPIC. Once you chose your topic, sel

Go to the list of topics.
Choose ONE SUBTOPIC. Once you chose your topic, select the TWO VIDEOS talking about the same thing within that topic.
Political topics, such as: democracy (Links to an external site.) , government (Links to an external site.)
Environmental topics, such as: natural resources (Links to an external site.), animals (Links to an external site.),
Social topics, such as: addiction (Links to an external site.), mental health (Links to an external site.), poverty (Links to an external site.)
These are just recommendations. You may choose any TWO TED Talks as long as they are on political, environmental, or social issues. It would be a very good idea to find TED Talks that are relevant to your research topic. You can, for instance, search the webpage for talks on “autonomous vehicles,” “minimum wage,” etc.
Combine the items above into ONE document.( DOCUMENTATION
Summary (~200-400 words total) of both TED Talks and name
and citation of each TED Talk watched. )
The document should be double-spaced.
The word count requirement for the reflection is 200-400 words.REFLECTION
Reflect on the subject addressed. In what ways is it innovative?
What did you learn? How does it relate to your own experiences and community? What action are you inspired to take after
learning about the subject or innovation?
Identify the resume and the reflection

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