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For your Module 2 Pre-Assessment, respond to the following prompts. Theseprompts

For your Module 2 Pre-Assessment, respond to the following prompts. Theseprompts match thosein your final Assessment. Be sure to support your responses with evidence from scholarly literature.
Scenario:You are a nurse in the surgical unit of a large metropolitan hospital. A young woman has been admitted for an ovarian cyst removal later the same day. As you are taking her health history, she reveals that she has recently been diagnosed as HIV positive. In response to a query from you, she acknowledges that she has not yet seen a healthcare provider regarding this diagnosis. She also quickly adds that she hasnt disclosed this condition to her new boyfriend, who is in the waiting room, or to any other family members or friends.
The Code of Ethics for Nurses was developed to provide guidance for administering quality and ethical care while upholding standards and obligations of the profession. Select one of the provisions of the Code and explain how you might apply this provision to guide your responses to the health assessment described in the scenario. Support your response with appropriate citations from scholarly references. (23 paragraphs)
Once your patient has revealed her HIV-positive status to you, what else do you need to think about and do in providing quality care? With a holistic approach to this womans care in mind, describe one subsequent action you might take. Explain how this action is in alignment with the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Support your response with appropriate citations to scholarly references. (23 paragraphs)

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