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For this assignment, you need to look at the famous objects below and write abou

For this assignment, you need to look at the famous objects below and write about two of them. You need to identify where each one fits into its historical period and compare and contrast the two objects. What were they used for? Who used them? Why are they important?
The paper needs to be two pages long. You need to cite sources for your information. You should consult the resources from the library that you can access online to find more information. Please make sure that you paraphrase the information. This means you put everything into your own words. I can tell if you copy or plagiarize works.
Famous Objects:
Stele of Hammurabi
Cave paintings of Lascaux
The Parthenon
Augustus of Primaporta
Gold buckle from Sutton Hoo
The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
Kulkulkan (El Castillo) of Chichen Itza.
Nok head, Ancient West Africa
Lion Capital of Ashoka
The Great Wall of China
More information on the essay:
You need an introduction with a thesis statement. For example, The Italian Renaissance had many comparisons to ancient Greece because. . .
You need a body in which you write a lot of paragraphs supporting your thesis statement. These would come after the because. Then you need to reword your introduction and thesis statement for a conclusion. The reason I say no to MLA or APA format is because I do not want you using parenthesis at the end of sentences, and I definitely do not want you to quote. Do not use outside sources. Just use my lecture and the book for your final essay exam questions that you are preparing. You will need to use Times New Roman Font of 12. It needs to be a full 2 pages long with Times New Roman Font of 12 and lacks spacing between paragraphs. You do not need to quote. You need to indent for each paragraph an amount of 5 spaces.
Link to book:

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