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Assignment 1: Due Feb 14 at midnight
6 points total
Pease p. 1-5,
Ikenberry The Next Liberal Order (2020), and
Walt Why I didnt Sign Up to Defend the International Order (2018)
1. What are the key differences between IGOs, international NGOs, and MNCs? Give one example of each. (Pease & PP1)
2 points
2. Ikenberry fears that the liberal world order is collapsing. Why is he worried about this? What does he think the United States should do?
2 points
3. Why didnt Walt sign on to an ad expressing support for the international order? Describe three of his criticisms.
2 points
Full credit for
-complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling
-content drawn from above sources with no factual errors
-understanding of readings
If you quote a source, you need quotation marks around the quote. A couple sentences of quotes are OK. Everything else should be in your own words.
Post the assignment as a word document with your response to each number (no need to write out the question). The total for Assignment 1 should be 500-600 words. The assignment should be posted in the link below this document in Unit 1, in Content, on Blackboard.
*If you have any problems understanding or completing the assignment, just send me an email.



1. World Bank and the Environment (300-400 words)
a) Describe two ways the World Bank can impact the environment (Gutner p. 115-117)
b) Describe one of the projects from Gutner that came under a lot of criticism for environmental reasons (p. 118-121)
c) Describe two responses by the World Bank to environmentalist critique (Gutner p. 122-124)
4 points
2. Loans (100 words)
Go to the World Bank Website and describe 1 project in one country. (See PP for link)
Go to this website:
Choose and country and write it into the search. (Remember the World Bank lends only to low and middle income countries.)
Choose a project that is interesting to you.

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