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Fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath

A 55 year old Hispanic female presented to the healthcare with complaints of fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath.  The patient medical history indicates that she suffers from hypertension and diabetes type 2. The patient is overweight. She is a single mother and lives alone as her 23 year old daughter is in college pursuing nursing degree. She has three jobs in order to cater for her child’s education.  According to the patient, she has limited time to exercise. She believes that her age does not allow her to go to gym. According to her cultural and religious beliefs, she cannot expose her body parts. Her meal is mainly obtained from fast food as she has limited time to cook. She does not smoke or take alcohol.

Most of the communicable diseases are lifestyle related illnesses. These diseases have huge burden at individual and community level. Despite the fact that these diseases are preventable, lifestyle modification is very complex due to biological, psychological and environmental reasons. This includes house hold income, life-goal prospects, housing and environments. In this context, the main issues that needed to be addressed are physical……….

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