Exacutive summary

Select a program, quality improvement initiative, or other
project from your place of employment.
. The summary should include:
1.The purpose of the program or project.
2.The target population or audience.
3.The benefits of the program or project
4.The cost or budget justification.
5.The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated.

  1. Do you believe the proposal would be approved if formally proposed?
    Yes. The project is likely to be approved if proposed formally because it aims at quality
    improvement. Additionally, the hospital management is aware of the healthcare gap, and
    there has been no feasible strategic plan presented to the authority so far. The project aims at
    reducing absenteeism, nurse burnout, and turnover rates. If two weakness of the project are
    addressed, then the proposed staff will help ensure that the client’s plight is maintained.
  2. What are some strengths and weaknesses of the proposal? 
    The strengths of the proposal include:
    a) Facilitates strong commitment to the organization mission and vision
    b) Promotes outstanding delivery of healthcare services to the community
    c) Promotes organizational efficiency as it will ensure the clinical staffs hired are highly
    d) The project involves the all the organization staff. This will promote the strong ethos,
    openness and commitment for the facility.
    Despite the numerous advantage the proposal demonstrates, there are few challenges that
    may thwart the effectiveness of the project. These include;

a) Inadequate resources: the project budget is quite high and I doubt if the healthcare
management will be willing to spend the amount
b) Sustainability of the project is another issue of concern. From the analysis of the article,
you suggest that the interventions involve a systematic approach. This implies that the
proposed project covers wide range of services which could be problematic to sustain it.

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