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Ethical Theory in the News Assignment For this assignment, you will locate a new

Ethical Theory in the News Assignment
For this assignment, you will locate a news article of an ethical issue from the last 30 days and apply your understanding of ethical theories to the issue discussed.
Locate one article from a newspaper, magazine, the Purdue University Global library, or the internet that was published within the last thirty days that addresses an ethical issue. Your task is to write a concise analysis of the issue raised by the article by answering the following questions in one page or less:
Explains the moral nature of the issue by identifying all appropriate ethical principles associated with the issue
What is the issue raised by this article and what makes you believe it is an ethical issue?
Explain how someone using utilitarianism might view this issue.
Explain how someone using Kantian moral theory might view this issue.
Summarize which approach you believe would be most logical and why.
Provide the APA style citation for the news article.

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