Elements of a Successful Implementation Plan

Describe the elements of a successful implementation plan. Discuss how you would insure
these elements were communicated to the key stakeholder for the implementation plan.

Elements of a Successful Implementation Plan

Implementation is one of the key stages on project implementation as it ensures that the
project moves on smoothly. Various elements contribute to successful implementation plan.
One of the elements is planning. Planning allows the project managers to consider
various aspects required to ensure that the project runs smoothly (Courtland Consulting, 2014).
Relationship between the project staff and stakeholders is developed to provide a solid
foundation to ensure that success is realized. Planning also allows for assessment of training
materials, existing policies and procedures, roles of staffs and organizational of structure among
others. It also allows consideration of the time available and the resources available, sources of
funds and procurement process among many others.
Communication is another important element during this process. Communication
ensures that all parties concerned with the project are informed about the progress of the project
(Courtland Consulting, 2014). All the stakeholders are kept in touch of the project activities and
this ensures that the process moves on smoothly. Another element is support, which entails
communication; training and ongoing support to ensure that from the onset of the
implementation there is smooth transition to the maintenance phases. Systems should be in place
to ensure that there is continued flow of information to ensure that people know what is taking
place. Continuous training is also required through the process as this equips staffs more skills
enhancing the level of success.

These key elements will be communicated to the key stakeholders involved in the
implementation plan by selecting a trained staffs that will be in charge of ensuring that
stakeholders are updated on everything happening. I will also ensure that remote support is
provided by use of a responsive help desk staff to ensure that stakeholders receive information
pertaining to the project.



Courtland Consulting. (2014). Key Elements for a Successful System Implementation.

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