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Economics and Global Health

c] Watch the Tutorial, Economics and Global Health: The Basics, on’s
Source: Economics and Global Health: The Basics: Kaiser Family Foundation.
In a journal entry, describe (in at least 150 words) what you have learned from this
presentation and how it links to what you studied in your textbook. Cite your sources.
This is 150 words

Economics and Global Health

The tutorial on “Economics and Global Health”, helps to enhance understanding on how
global health is impacted by the economy. Health is very important services that cut across
borders. Different countries have different healthy systems and different forms of financing the
services they render (Kaiser Family Foundation. (2013). Therefore, it is very important to
understand how this economic system operates in the quest of providing better services. The
economic situations in different countries do vary and therefore affects the services that are
This tutorial therefore relates to what we have already learned in our class about
economy and health. It is evident that the country economic performance impacts on the health
services provided, developed economies have a better and a well functioning health system that
renders better services. Therefore, it is important to consider financial aspects when seeking for
medical treatment in different countries. In most cases, quality comes at a cost and this applies to
healthcare provision.



Kaiser Family Foundation. (2013). Economics and Global Health: The Basics: Kaiser Family

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