Distinction Between Leadership and Management

Use current resources
*an analysis of how management and leadership roles differ in terms of supporting an
organization to set and achieve goals. In addition, write descriptions of an individual who
demonstrates leadership behaviors but not management behaviors and an individual who
demonstrates management behaviors but not leadership behaviors. Provide your rationale,
identifying specific characteristics of effective managers and leaders.
Some Resources:
Jennings, B. M., Scalzi, C. C., Rodgers, J. D., & Keane, A. (2007). Differentiating nursing
leadership and management competencies. Nursing Outlook, 55(4), 169-175.
Marker, D. (2010). Leadership or management? Management Quarterly, 51(2), 31-34.
Denehy, J. (2008). Leadership characteristics. The Journal of School Nursing. 24(3). 107-

Distinction Between Leadership and Management

Management and leadership need to go hand in hand even though they are not the same
thing. They however link and complement each other. The difference between management and
leadership is that management entails planning, organizing and coordinating while the role of the
leader is to motivate and to inspire people (Marker, 2010). The leader and the manager are
important in supporting and organization to set and achieve goals. For instance, in a health
environment, managers will play a role of administration ensuring that all the processes and the
systems are working well to ensure that the organization achieves the goals (Jennings, Scalzi,
Rodgers & Keane, 2007). On the other hand, a leader helps the organization achieve the goals
through innovation and creativity and through inspiring and motivating of the people. Therefore,
the role of these two people may vary to some extend but they all contribute to the success of an

In an organization, an individual that demonstrates leadership behaviors has certain
attributes that he or she manifests. The person is original and comes up with new ideas, he
focuses on the people more, inspires trust, has a long range perspective, asks various questions
such as what and why, challenges status quo, and does the right thing (Denehy, 2008). While on
the other hand a person that exemplifies management behavior copies and replicates things, he
also maintains, focuses on the structure and systems, relies on control, has a short-range view,
accepts status quo and normally does things right (Jennings, Scalzi, Rodgers & Keane, 2007).
Managers and leaders can also be effective if they trigger change in the organization’s way of
operation and if they change the lives of people that they lead. Therefore, an effective manager is
able to provide better management and control of the systems while an effective leader leads his
or her people in the right direction.


Jennings, B. M., Scalzi, C. C., Rodgers, J. D., & Keane, A. (2007). Differentiating nursing
leadership and management competencies, Nursing Outlook, 55(4): 169–175.
Marker, D. (2010). Leadership or management? Management Quarterly, 51(2): 31–34.
Denehy, J. (2008). Leadership characteristics, The Journal of School Nursing, 24(3): 107–110.

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