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Disaster Policy: From the reading in this unit, you have found that the concepts

Disaster Policy:
From the reading in this unit, you have found that the concepts of issue salience and policy window are important pieces of the puzzle for any disaster, especially for disaster policy. During each disaster, an issue-attention cycle evolves and impacts disaster policy.
Write a 3.5-page essay, not including the title and reference pages. Pick any known disaster and discuss how it pertains to the issue-attention cycle. Describe how the disaster progressed through each of the issue-attention cycles five stages. Additionally, discuss how this issue-attention cycle affected the policy window of the disaster.
Outside Sources:
This Assignment will require the use of outside sources. You must use at least two credible sources beyond the text for the course. Credible is the key word for your selected sources. These sources must go beyond websites. Examples of credible sources are textbooks, academic journals, and trade journals. The Library is an excellent resource for all courses in your degree plan. You can find many sources on policy decisions in emergency management at the Library. Ask the librarians for assistance and they will be glad to help you.

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