Developing a Professional Portfolio in Nursing

Capstone Project- Developing a Professional Portfolio in Nursing

Professional portfolios are essential in nursing care as they help in the documentation of
practices in which practitioners engage. Among the activities that nurses can document in their
portfolios are those pertaining to their involvement in educative programs, community outreach,
and professional organizations among others (Capan, Ambrose, Burkett, Evangelista, Flook, &
Straka, 2013, Pg. 182). Portfolios serve as instruments of demonstrating developments from a
professional perspective. As Hespenheider, Cottingham, and Muellar observed, portfolios are
important in recognition and the rewarding of professionals who are excellent in their practice
(2011, pg. 312). The growth and development portfolio as indicated in the case study offers
nurses a chance to monitor their professional progress. With the portfolios, the healthcare
practitioners can evaluate their attainment of both personal and professional goals. Also, the
provisions within the portfolios ensure that while nurses can assess their own discoveries and
knowledge acquisition, other people cannot review them. In its nature, the growth and
development documentation allows for the viewing of the development of competencies within
individuals. With the development in technology, nurses nowadays consider using portfolios that
operate electronically. Green, Wyllie and Jackson wrote that electronic versions of portfolios
allow nurses to stay more informed on current matters regarding healthcare (2014, Pg. 4).
Portfolios that focus on growth and development give nurses a chance to determine what
they should share with others. Professionally, the portfolio can enhance development, and may
be used in considerations of job promotion among other serious situations. Within the
professional sphere, the portfolios could also find use during evaluations and appraisals. With
their varied applications, portfolios serve to satisfy both personal as well as professional


The development of a portfolio is done in a stepwise manner. To develop a portfolio,
nursing professionals first assess themselves to understand their needs. After the understanding,
they can then explore on the means of meeting the needs. As time progresses, nurses can then
implement the plans they develop. Later, nurses can use the plan to evaluate their progress, and
revise it so that it shows what they may feel necessary. Portfolios not only allow nurses to
evaluate themselves, but they also enable them to make necessary plans for their professional
well-being. Though portfolios are not meant to be the basis of determining the level of
experience among nurses, they help in evaluating the extent in which the professionals get
involved with matters pertaining to their practice.

My growth and Development Portfolio

Date Year Certification
March 4 2015 Received a certificate
for participation in a
wellness movement
funded by university’s
nursing association
December 12 2014 Rewarded for heading
a charity walk within
the locality
August 10 2014 Promoted to be the



chairperson of the
health promotion
association within the
May 19 2013 Joined a health
promotion association
within the locality
February 10 2013 Participated in a talk
hosted by registered
nurse practitioners in
New York

January 1 2013 Recognized for
actively participating
in a strategy designed
to educate the aged on
healthy physical
November 11 2012 Joined a local
association that aimed
at promoting the health
of the aged

Venue Date Time Meeting



Social welfare

May 1


Health welfare
Addressing the entire

Social welfare

March 1


Health welfare
Addressing the young

Community hall January 1


Health welfare
Addressing the aged

Community hall November
1 2014


Health welfare
Setting objectives




Capan, M. L., Ambrose, H. L., Burkett, M., Evangelista, T. R., Flook, D. M., & Strake, K. L.
(2013). Nursing portfolio study: the use in annual performance reviews. J Nurs Prof Dev,
29(4), 182-185
Green, J., Wyllie, A., & Jackson D. (2014). Electronic portfolios in nursing education: a review
of the literature. Nurse du Prac, 14(1), 4-8
Hespenheider, M., Cottingham, T., & Muellar, G. (2011). Portfolio use as a tool to demonstrate
professional development in advanced nursing practice. Clinc Nurs Spec, 25(6), 312-320

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