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Developing a PICOT question

Patients with high levels of cholesterol in their body usually undergo the statin therapy which helps in preventing and reducing the high risks of suffering from the cardiovascular disease, are the statins drugs right for the patients or lead to the increased cases of liver disease?

The nursing problem relating to the proper management of the cardiovascular disease and ensuring that administration of statins therapy leads to the desired impact is observed mainly among the patients having heart and liver diseases in the health centers. Statins are the group of drugs that help in lowering the levels low-density lipoprotein in one’s blood. The statins are responsible for blocking the substances that form cholesterol in the liver (Shehata et al, 2015). The recent incidents related to the effectiveness of the statins prompts the researchers to conduct the interventional studies to establish whether the statin drugs cause the increase of the liver diseases among patients (Shehata et al, 2015).The statin drugs ensure that any excess cholesterol within the body is converted into bile salts that absorb the vitamins and fats in the intestines………..

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