Definition of Public Health

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Definition of Public Health

Select a definition of public health that captures the unique characteristics of the field (e.g., population-focused, community-oriented, prevention-motivated and rooted in social justice) and how these contribute to professional practice. Submit a 100-word journal entry in which you describe your perspective of public health.

Definition of Public Health

Different definitions of public health focus on various fields such as community, population, prevention and social justice among many others.

 One definition of public health is all organized measures aimed at preventing diseases, promoting health and prolonging life among certain population (World Health Organization (WHO), 2014). This therefore contributes to professional practices, as it requires that the practitioners come up with appropriate and organized measures to address the various health problems. The practitioners must equip themselves with specific skills and knowledge in issues pertaining to public health to render quality services and meet the goals set. Professionals are as well required to comply with the codes of ethics in their service provision to the members of the public.


World Health Organization (WHO). (2014). Public Health.

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