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Critical appraisal in clinical research

At times, the findings of clinical research can be true and of great significance to the patients who are entered to the study. However, these findings may not be appropriate to the patients targeted by the researcher. This could be due to a number of reasons, for instance, the targeted patients could be affected severely by their health condition or can be from a different age group.  Therefore, critical appraisal aids in ensuring that the findings of a particular study can be used confidently on the targeted patients.

Critical appraisal in clinical research                                                                                               2


Critical appraisal of the selected articles can be done by determining the research question that the scholars intended to answer in the articles, determining the study group used in the research, what methodology was used and if it was appropriate for the study, what were the findings of the research and whether they are relevant to the targeted patients, and what ……….

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