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Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created numerous negative impacts on Restaurants, glo

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created numerous negative impacts on Restaurants, globally and especially here in New York. Students are considered Restaurant Managers, and have been asked to create and design an impact study of Covid-19 on a restaurant or franchise of the students choosing. Students are expected to conduct research on the effect of Covid-19 the approved restaurant, using reputable sources such NY Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, National Restaurant Association etc. to compile the research for their presentation.
The presentation must include suggestions to improve and maintain ideas/ strategies to optimize revenue and increase ROI%.
Please create a narrated presentation to include the following:
The type of establishment (theme, dcor, size, market, menu type, etc)
History of the franchise/restaurant
Describe the level of service and price point- based on research.
Describe some of the challenges faced by the employers and employees (respectively).
Describe the impacts on restaurants as a result of Covid-19
Explain how the restaurant has responded/managed the situation
Explain how you might improve the situation, especially as the virus becomes contained and the economy begins to recover.
Presentations should be maximum 5 minutes in length. There is no limit for the amount of slides.

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