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Continuous care among patient diagnosed with Heart Failure

Adib-Hajbaghery, M., Maghaminejad, F., & Ali, A. (2013). The Role of Continuous Care in Reducing Readmission for Patients with Heart Failure. J Caring Sci.2(4), 255-267.

This article explores the importance of continuous care among patient diagnosed with Heart Failure. According to this article, approximately 20-50% of geriatric patients diagnosed with CHF undergo readmission in 2 weeks -90 days after they have been discharged. This paper explores the impact of post discharge care in reducing the re-hospitalization rates and in improving patient’s quality of life. The research study is a systematic review, which was conducted to evaluate on studies that have been conducted on CHF follow up care post discharge or patients who had been readmitted. The studies from Google search Engine, SID and ………..

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