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Consider the following questions and made an initial response showing good evide

Consider the following questions and made an initial response showing good evidence of critical thinking and analysis considering the following points:
How is data analytics different from statistics?
Analytics tools fall into 3 categories:descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. What are the main differences among these categories?
Explain how businesses use analytics to convert raw operational data into actionable information. Provide at least 1 example.
How familiar are you with the use of quantitative tools in a business environment? Consider the organization you work for (or another organization youre familiar with). Does this organization use data analytics? If so, how is it used? If not, how could the organization use data analytics to improve its performance?
While analytics covers many different tools (see my PPT on analytics), we are focusing on statistical tools for this class. For most of you the primary tools will be those of descriptive statistics. we will be taking a deeper dive into these tools next week but for now, how aware are you of the various metrics and graphics that fall into this category?

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