Congress and Health Policy

Journal Entry 2
Watch the Tutorial, The U.S. Congress and Health Policy on’s website.
Source: The U.S. Congress and Health Policy: Kaiser Family Foundation.
In a journal entry, describe (in at least 150 words) what you have learned from this
presentation and how it links to what you studied on communicable diseases in your
textbook. Cite your sources.
only 150 words

Journal Entry 2
Through this website, I have learned various issues pertaining healthcare in US and the
role of Congress and senate in formulation of healthcare policy. Healthcare is one of the most
important sectors in the US. Congress has a major role in coming up or designing programs
pertaining to healthcare such as development of heath policy relating to funding of various
programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans affairs, National Institutes of health and health
care reforms.
Both democrats and republics play a key role in issues pertaining to healthcare. Various
committees help in coming up with various policies pertaining to healthcare. Examples of
committees include, budget, finance, appropriation health among others.
The information relate to what I learned on communicable diseases as it provides an
understanding of formulation of health policies. The congress and the senate play a vital role in
health policy formulation when dealing with various aspects of communicable disease.



The U.S. Congress and Health Policy: Kaiser Family Foundation. (2014).

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