Congestive heart failure (CHF) chronic progressive condition

Document Type : Nursing Case Study  Paper Format : APA


The approval process will start from the department level. This entails conducting a comprehensive discussion on the project, its idea, its rationale and its economical relevance to the   healthcare system and the patient’s outcomes. The support and corrective criticism from the department will be of significant improvement to this capstone project.  The Administrative support and approval is particularly important because it influences the changes within the organization (Black et al. 2014).

To start with, key stakeholders will be identified. This includes representative from the staffing pool, patient population, the departmental managers, clinical operations director, research nurse scientist and the Chief nursing officer. This team is important as they will play integral role of evaluating the data collected, evaluation of the proposed strategy in providing additional strategic solutions that may seem feasible. The research nurse scientist will brief the key stakeholders by outlining the research idea in respect to the negative impact to the healthcare………….

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