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Conflict Management in the Interprofessional Team Simulation

The Interprofessional Team Simulation


Part I–Conflict Management in the Interprofessional Team Simulation

Watch the case study video. Here is a summary of the case:
Personnel Involved: Nurse, OT, AT, PT, Health Administrator
Materials: Professional Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice (State = California), moral model of ethical decision-making (please discuss your own professional models as you flesh out your response to this case)
Case Scenario: A newly licensed nurse is delivering massage to a 22-year-old athlete-patient who recently underwent a shoulder reconstruction due to a sport collision-injury. The patient has requested massage to relieve pain. During the delivery of this massage, the physical and occupational therapist arrive to determine course of treatment. Another member of the healthcare team, the athletic trainer, observed surgery and has orders from the surgeon to perform scar tissue massage therapy. All healthcare professionals feel this is in their scope of treatment, how do we proceed? Who is reimbursable? Who should be providing care in this setting? Who needs to get involved, if anyone else?
If professional representation is missing, assign a participant to role play that professional’s role and ethical care guidelines.
The nurse is providing an inappropriate massage that is contraindicated at this stage of the patient’s soft tissue healing. The patient’s insurance has limited post-operative rehabilitation coverage. The PT, OT, and AT feel that each of them should be the rehabilitation discipline managing this patient’s case. Integrate strategies for conflict management of this interprofessional patient scenario to bring this scenario to a patient-centered resolution.

Part II–Organizational Conflict Paper

Each of you is enrolled in a graduate program at USAHS. As part of your role as a graduate student, you will gain many skills in the program that will lead you to a career path to becoming leaders in your field. In your role as a current or future leader, you will face many challenges in your leadership decision-making. Part of those challenges include: ethical dilemmas, differing opinions, team personality conflicts, role differentiation, and leadership discrepancies. All of these issues impact the strategic vision of the organization and the organization’s culture.

The paper should be 2 to 4 pages in length.
Your paper should be written in APA 7 format. Include the following:
Cover page
Describe the conflict that occurred
Explain how the conflict impacts or is impacted by the organizational culture
Outline your conflict resolution plan
Describe basic negotiation strategies and the tactics used to resolve the conflict
Explain how the culture can be improved in the organization
References page

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