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Concept Map

Concept Map


This assignment incorporates your new knowledge of organizations and workplace culture. It also evaluates your ability to navigate a complex organization and recommend a change to a care process by involving stakeholders and reaching approval. You will incorporate systems theory, the influence of organizational structure, and the improvement of care delivery in this assignment.

Using the following elements as a guide, address your findings and the graphics listed below.

Introduce your concept map by identifying a process improvement in your department that includes economic, legal, and political factors that may influence the process.
Using systems theory, create a concept map for the improvement process of your project. Be sure to include all aspects as well as other disciplines that will be involved.
This assignment will be a 2-page document. The first page is a written introduction explaining your findings, which addresses the topics in 1) above. The second page is your Lucidchart concept map.
Use Lucidchart or another tool such as Word to create your concept map for your improvement process plan.

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