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Community & Public Health Nursing

Community & Public Health Nursing

Identify counseling and home care services that are available in your community to people
with HIV; are they adequate, what are the costs, what improvements or changes would you
my community is pg county in Maryland two pages please

Public Health Communications

Infectious Diseases Environmental Health Administration (IDEHA) reports that Prince George
County in Maryland ranks among the top five counties in the state for AIDS and HIV incidences.
As by 2010, the county incidence of HIV was 666 per every 100,000 residents. The disease
affects disproportionally with the minorities in Prince George County having the highest rates.
Reports indicate that about 88% of the people living with HIV are African American, 4.7%
Hispanics and 6.6% non-Hispanic white (Prince George County, 2014).
The HIV counseling as well as home care services are adequately available in Prince George
County. These includes resources funded by the County government, including Prince George’s
County HIV/AIDS program (HAP) which provides
comprehensive care to HIV/AIDS affected people who are underinsured. The programs also
offer anonymous HIV counseling and testing. Other resources available includes Housing
opportunities for people with HIV/AIDS (HOPWA) whose responsibility is to provide shelter
to people with HIV by providing funds to cater for their homes, and referrals to rehabilitation
programs and job training programs (Prince George County, 2014).
Other community programs include, the Center: A home for GLBT in Metro DC
www.thedccenter.prg whose role is to offer programs for arts, HIV/AIDS advocacy and
rehabilitation center for addictions. Cheverly Center, Health Education Resource Organization

Public Health Communications
(HERO), Whitman Walker Clinic and Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League
(SMYAL) add the HIV/AIDS community resources. These are community resources offer
counseling and testing, massive support to the affected individuals, and recreational facilities to
the youths and adults (Prince George County, 2014).
Despite the fact, the Prince Georges County has adequate community resources to manage
HIV/AIDS; the prevalence rate is still high as compared to other counties. The global economic
crisis portends funding shortages for management of HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that funding for
this pandemic disease will be three folds the current cost. This implies that the county is staring
at a huge crisis. In comparison to other counties, Prince George county population has high
numbers of smokers, alcoholics, obese and physically inactive residents. Additionally, about
80,000 residents lack medical cover. Therefore, these residents lack regular care due to high cost
of care. However, there is an opportunity to mitigate this crisis if effective policies are
implemented (Prince George County, 2014).
To start with, effective preventions programs that are evidence based must be implemented. The
interventions established must be long-term that addresses facilitators of the disease
transmission. This includes investing in training of healthcare professionals through grants and
scholarship. The treatment program must be restructured to ensure that benefits are maximized at
minimal cost possible. This includes the use of cost effective antiretroviral drugs treatment. The
county public health department must establish better use medical staff. This can be done
through task shifting strategies. For instance, trained advanced nurse practitioners can provide
medical consultations under the physician supervision. This saves public health cost, which can
be used to expand care (Prince George County, 2014).

Public Health Communications
Additionally, HIV/AIDS prevention can be reduced by broadening the prevention program
especially by focusing on behavioral changes such as empowering women through job training,
empowering youth through the establishment of youth centers and recreational facilities that
promote innovation. The Prince George County public health department must acknowledge the
importance of shifting priorities through establishment of cost effective interventions that
prevents disease transmission as this approach will not only save lives but also reduce burden of
care on the public health department. Therefore, there is a need to combine efforts in scientific,
educational, workforce and environmental strategies to manage the pandemic effectively (Prince
George County, 2014).

Public Health Communications
Prince George Count. (2014). HIV and AIDS.

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