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There are vast opportunities that exists at national level and local level that promotes awareness and understanding of diabetes among the community that aims at equipping the young adults better to deal with prejudices as well as misunderstanding. From my analysis, there are series of diabetes fact sheets that targets counsellors, patients and the other relevant stakeholders.  The national government have established adequate training resources for the health professionals to ensure that they provide adequate care for the adults diagnosed with diabetes. The training sectors have focused on psychosocial factors that impact the delivery of care by providing positive encouragement and support to the diabetic patients (Yang et al. 2016).

 Whilst my analysis suggests that there is vast information available for diabetic patients, the patients, particularly the young adults need to be informed better. Approximately 81% of the patients have very little understanding of diabetes when they are first diagnosed.    The findings estimates that 52% of the patients believe that arming themselves with……………..

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