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client situation in public health

Describe a client situation and the case management process that might occur in the
following practices (school nurse, occupational health nurse, clinic nurse)

Every nation needs qualified work personnel of public health nurses for the solution of the day to
day public health problems that may include natural disasters. Going by the public health
mission and core functions, they always be prepared to advocate for the people they are in charge
of who are the community members (Cohen & Cesta, 2005). A change in the way healthcare
delivery is carried out has drastically changes over the past decades.
The main focus of the case managers includes; financial management, coordination and
utilization of resources to yield outcomes that are cost-effective. The outcomes should be patient-
centered and safe to them. Case management, therefore, is designed to give a good plan that will
enable the patients to have a smooth movement within the healthcare system.
Nursing case management refers to an approach that is collaborative in the provision and
coordination of the health care service to a particular group of people. This process aims at
meeting the patient’s health needs while enhancing the quality of the service (Cohen & Cesta,

2005). The process usually includes assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the entire
The first essential function of the case management is to initiate assessment. This is an organized
progression where the nurse gathers the relevant information and analyses them one by one. This
is to have a deeper understanding of the patient’s psychological, physical, cognitive,
developmental, and cultural and lifestyle needs. To perform this, the nurse collects this
information from the relevant sources like family members and other professionals.
A thorough evaluation of the information provides valuable information with regards to the
patient’s condition.
A client situation is where a patient with numerous chronic conditions has severally been
admitted to the hospital. To understand the desires of the patient, the nurse get to perform a
number of comprehensive assessments that will bring to account the client’s history of
medication, medications taken so far, the previous hospitalization and even the patient’s family
information. This information will provide the nursing team with the most reliable data about the
When monitoring, the nurse will be able to understand the various prescription habits and help in
making a decision on the preferable technique to use when administering medication to the
client. Nurses help in the monitoring of the patient’s compliances to medication.
To be effective service providers, nurses need to evaluate themselves to fine-tune their skills.
This entails having clinical skills that are up to date in order to understand the different
symptoms displayed by the patients. Therefore, it is important for the nurses to take an active
role in the development of their professionalism (Cohen & Cesta, 2005).

Here, the client’s situation comes where, two nurses are working in a hospital and one of them
follows the pathway developed for the patient’s care that had abdominal surgery while the other
does not follow the pathway. The outcome of this situation was that the patient who was cared
for by the nurse who adhered to the set pathway showed a positive progress and was transferred
to a step-down unit. The patient who was cared by the other nurse who followed her plan did not
show any improvement and was not ready for the transfer to the step-down unit.
In conclusion, for the true actualization of the nursing components of assessing, planning,
implementing, evaluating and interaction between the patients and the nurses, there must be a
clear structure of information and activities flow.

Cohen, E., & Cesta, T. (2005). Nursing case management. St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby.

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