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Choose a policy topic that is currently in the news. What are the implications f

Choose a policy topic that is currently in the news. What are the implications for vulnerable populations? How does the action or proposed action fit with social work values and ethics? What policy advocacy activities might be appropriate, if any? What is your position on this topic?
Try to present facts to support your position and be open to considering multiple viewpoints around the issue; in other words, think critically before posting. Look for reference information that both agrees and disagrees with your position on the policy and cite it in your discussion. For example, how might a liberal administration address this topic? How might a conservative administration address this topic?
Please remember to be respectful and professional in your post and response. The idea is not to bash anyone; it is to critically examine the potential impact of governmental legislative decision making. I want everyone to be able to share honestly. Our Code of Ethics requires that we not discriminate against anyone; this includes political beliefs and religious beliefs.
The goal of social work is affirmative practice, not to force people to change their beliefs or feel persecuted for them. Think about how your personal beliefs/the topic are related to your practice as a social worker, how those beliefs/the topic might affect that practice and ultimately, what professional steps you can take to ensure that you are practicing affirmatively (in other words, not discriminating against anyone) no matter what those beliefs are.

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