Discuss 2 areas of your practice that require some improvement related to monitoring,
verifying, and/or documenting cumulative doses of chemotherapy.

  1. How might you suggest these improvements be developed and implemented in your


Chemotherapeutic agents are associated with numerous side effects, linked to the agent’s
potency causing them to be toxic. Therefore, it is important to ensure that patient receive
exact dosing so that to maximize the benefits of the medical regimen without causing harm to
them. In my healthcare facility, there have been few mortality rates that have been associated
with unintentional overdoses. This calls for extra safety measures (Thomas, 2013).
One of the area of nursing practice that requires improvement compulsory conducting
independent double check, this is because running checks creates a risk that the two
individuals will perform the same mistake. Secondly, there is need to prohibit the acceptance
of verbal orders for chemotherapy drugs. This is because when passing information from one
healthcare provider to another, there is a chance that the person receiving the order may
misinterpret the message, and there is a chance that the order may be forgotten. The
healthcare facility must implement this strategy as accepting verbal instruct ions
impedes the quality management strategy including monitoring, verification and
documentation of the cumulative doses of the chemotherapy (Thomas, 2013).
These improvements can be established and implemented effectively. This can be achieved
by establishing a clear vision in regards to change process. The outcomes of the proposed
changes must be measured and evaluated. This is important because it helps determine if the
proposed interventions have achieved its purposes or not. It is important to record the
emerging challenges during the implementation process, to ensure that they do not re-
emerge in the future, and to ensure that new administration system runs the proposed quality
interventions in a proper way (Edmonstone, 2010).

Edmonstone, J. (2010). A new approach to project managing change. Br J Healthcare
Management, 16(5), 225-230.
Thomas, A. (2013). Neurological adverse effects of cancer chemotherapy. Adverse Drug
Reaction Bulletin, 278(1), 1071-1074.

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