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Career Corner

Portfolio: Career Corner
By completing this assignment, you will have achieved a certificate through USAID via
their Global Health Learning initiative. Upon completion of this assignment, please update
your LinkedIn Profile to reflect this training.

maintained by USAID). Locate the “certificate programs” section and open the “Cross
Cutting” section. Complete the “Fostering Change in Health Services” certificate. Submit
your certificate or a statement of completion to the Dropbox.
Source: Fostering Change in Health Services: USAID.

Portfolio: Career Corner
Statement of completion

My name is Nkiru Frank and I am privileged for completing a course, ‘Fostering Change
in Health Services” at the USAID. The course is among many offered by USAID aimed at
improving the skills and knowledge in the area of health delivery.
The course has improved my skills in management and instituting change in the health
care settings. Through the course, I have managed to gain multiple skills including strategies and
pathways to change and improve healthcare practices in developing countries. Most developed
countries face a myriad of challenges in healthcare and the skills obtained allows better
understanding and approach to problems in the healthcare especially in the healthcare setting in
the developing world.
Other important skills gained are on building local capacity and ways to ensure effective
change in healthcare practices. Understanding the steps to adopt to ensure that effective change
is achieved must be understood to ensure delivery of proper healthcare services.

Effective communication is also very important when instituting change. Communication
is also one of the skills that I have attained through the course. I believe that I have the requisite
skills and capabilities to trigger change in future.
Healthcare is an essential need and to ensure that better healthcare provided, it required
better training. The e-learning program at USAID has therefore been instrumental in imparting
me with appropriate skills. I can vehemently say that I can now institute and foster change in any
healthcare setting across the world.
I do appreciate the entire USAID team for giving me the opportunity to pursue this
course. My gratitude goes to course managers such as Emily, Mason and Kristen Stelljes and
course authors such as Claire Bhamon.



Global Health e-learning Center. (2014). Fostering Change in Health Services: USAID.

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