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Can you write a thesis, 3 topic sentences and highlight it please can you connec

Can you write a thesis, 3 topic sentences and highlight it please can you connect it to what I already have thank you. Can you just make it better and to coincide with the instructions.
What are the goals of the Civil Rights Movement as it becomes a national movement?
How do attempts to achieve racial equality (e.g. busing and affirmative action) produce mixed results?
100 words each slide for speaker notes and primary and secondary evidence for both questions
Over the next two weeks, you will working on your third and final project. The following instructions provide you with the steps you need to complete to finish this final project. Please read and follow these instructions carefully. For this project, each student will produce a 5-6 page, argumentative paper, or a 10-12 slide presentation with speaker notes. This project should connect issues, people, and/or events raised in, at least, two study questions. At least one of these study questions must be from the past three modules (Modules 9-12) and, at least, one should be from a module before Module 9. You may use more than two study questions as long as, at least two of the modules fulfill the above requirement. You should use the secondary and primary material, lecture notes, and Kami Weekly Assignments from these modules to develop your project. Your connections do not have to cover every issue in each of the study questions. Instead, your topics but should reflect your engagement and understanding of the questions you choose. You will be evaluated by your ability to create a main point (thesis statement), create smaller points that help prove that main point (topic sentences), collect the necessary evidence (secondary and primary evidence) to prove your points and your successful completion and submission of your project.
Papers should be 5-6 pages, with 1-inch margins and 12-point font. Note form can be footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical notes. Slide presentations should be 10-12 slides long. You can use Google slides, PowerPoint or Keynote to create your presentation. You will not be presenting your presentation. Each presentation slide should have, at least, 100 words of speaker notes to explain the point(s) being made with that particular slide. Keep the words on your slides to a minimum. Use images to help you make your points. Use the speaker notes to make your specific points and utilize your primary and secondary evidence.

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