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Branding and Packaging: Image is everything, presentation is everything. Based o

Branding and Packaging: Image is everything, presentation is everything.
Based on the offering for the Marketing Project incorporate the information discussed in this weeks class and answer the following questions:
What would you need to consider when you think of how your need to package and brand your offering?
How will you present the value through branding and packaging?
How will your strategy be different because your offering is new, or an improvement of an existing product?
Introduction: Tell the reader what you are writing about. Include the questions you will be addressing. (2pts)
Main Body: You can use the questions as sub-headings to help organize your paper. Answer each question in the main body. (3pts)
Conclusion: The restate for the reader what the assignment was about and repeat the questions you answered. Tell the reader if you agree or disagree with the statement that having an awareness of world issues can promote innovation. (2pts)
Organization and paper format: Each section must be a complete paragraph, consisting of three to four sentences. (1pt)

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