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Assignment: Formal Report Draft For this assignment, you will write a first draf

Assignment: Formal Report Draft
For this assignment, you will write a first draft of your research report. The purpose of a first draft is to begin to connect your ideas and get them down on paper. Your first draft will serve as a tool to try out a plan for organizing and refining your ideas, to determine if further research is needed, and to receive some feedback/suggestions for making improvements or changes. Your draft should closely follow your outline, except that now you will begin to compile the information into an organized paper format with full paragraphs and complete sentences.
The primary focus for this draft should be content–developing your topic ideas, integrating supporting information from your research, and citing information appropriately. Writing mechanics and formatting your paper, although important, will not be the primary emphasis at this point.
Guidelines for submitting your Draft:
Body containing main point paragraphs
Paper Format
Margins: 1 inch on all sides of page
Font: Must be legible. Acceptable fonts include 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, 12-point Times New Roman. The default font of your word processing program is acceptable.
Double-spacing for the entire paper
First line of every paragraph indented
References: For this draft, you should have a minimum of two to three credible sources used as references.
Writing Mechanics: Because this is a first draft, writing mechanics will not be heavily weighted in the grading; however, do your best to adhere to good writing practices with regard to:
Punctuation and capitalization
Grammar and sentence structure.
I have attached my outline and thesis for your assistance. The title of my report is “America’s Long Term Care System is Broken” Please follow closely to my updated thesis and outline for the final report.
Thank you!

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