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As discussed in the last posted lecture, one of the key issues in Hollywood film

As discussed in the last posted lecture, one of the key issues in Hollywood filmmaking is foreign distribution, especially in such a country like China, with a population numbering over a billion people. While such an enormous market is very lucrative for Hollywood, China is also extremely restrictive when it comes to the import of foreign films and very aggressive in keeping out any films that are in any way critical of the Chinese government and its policies. For this paper, do a quick bit of online research and see what film industry watchers are saying about the most current state of the Hollywood/China relationship. Look for a couple of sources that are as recent as possible, information that is no more than about a month old.
Make sure and cite the sources and their publication date. And, again, make sure that the date is as current as possible.
Write this up in a 1 to 2 page paper and email it to me by Midnight, Wednesday, February 2.

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