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Answer the following questions using the files attached. These should be well de

Answer the following questions using the files attached. These should be well developed. Give me examples, discussion and details. Two good paragraphs each. Respond to each part of the question! Stay on topic. You do not need to write out each question in the paper. Just number each question. Make sure you are only using the files attached. Absolutely NO outside resources. All the information is in the textbook attached.
Aside from the three main areas of criminal justice systems across the majority of societies (law enforcement, courts, and corrections), should victim services and assistance be considered a fourth area? Should this be a mandatory part of the criminal justice system? Why or why not?
Between the ICVS and ISRD, which provides a more comprehensive investigation of victimization between countries? Which would be better for investigating juveniles? Which would be better for investigating multiple types of victimization?
Would the model described in certain parts of India, regarding the use of all-female police departments to handle issues related to victimization of females, be reasonable to use in certain locations in the United States? Why or why not? What might the benefits and drawbacks of this model be if used in the United States?

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