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American Literature I Presentation Rubric Ms. Tanya Boler Your presentation will

American Literature I
Presentation Rubric
Ms. Tanya Boler
Your presentation will be the product of your research project.
You will address the particular focus of your research process.
Make sure that the presentation is not just a summary of your sources. Make sure that you
have answered a research question. An outline may be very helpful in the organization of your
Make sure that you include design, graphics, and sound in the presentation. These elements
must reflect the research information.
You must include your correct MLA citations in the presentation. You may cite your source
immediately on the slide with the information or you may wait and do a Works Cited slide at the
end of your presentation.
Upload the finished presentation to Canvas.
Names Date
__________________________________ ______________________________
Clear representation of subject ____________________ (40 points)
Assigned length ____________________ (10 points)
Appropriate design of slides ____________________ (10 points)
Inclusion of graphics ____________________ (10 points)
Inclusion of sound ____________________ (10 points)
Inclusion of title page ____________________ (10 points)
Inclusion of source citations ___________________ _ (10 points)

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