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Alcoholism: physical illness or mental disease

Discuss whether Alcoholism is a physical illness or mental disease in the United States ?

Alcoholism: physical illness or mental disease?


Discuss whether Alcoholism is a physical illness or mental disease?

Alcohol is the most abused substance in the United States, exceeding heroin, cocaine, meth and even prescription painkillers. Alcohol is a sedative and depressant substance. While it may make you feel better in the short term, it will only cause you to feel worse in the long run. Many individuals who abuse alcohol are alcoholics and usually die due to the consumption of alcohol in their life. Alcoholics are individuals that suffer from an alcohol disorder and have no idea when or how to stop drinking. Alcoholics think about alcohol quite often and cannot stop themselves from drinking. An alcoholic can be anyone, and it hardly resembles the idea that most people have in mind. Becoming an alcoholic often means that they have an alcohol use disorder which is also called alcohol dependence. Nothing tastes as good to alcoholics as drinking. Alcoholics begin drinking of their own choice when they were younger but soon became a norm. Many people in the United States consume alcohol every day due to developing an addiction while they were young by drinking socially. Throughout high school some teenagers go through a phase of drinking due to partying. The law forbids anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol or to even buy it, yet many kids still get their hands on it and begin drinking. As a result, consuming alcohol at such an early age can affect underdeveloped brains and cause them to easily become more prone to becoming alcoholics

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